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Skincare fridges are actively revolutionising the beauty and makeup industry. If you have not heard of them, you are seriously behind the trendsetting world. Hundreds of skincare fridges are being purchased around the world every single day. All of the best beauticians across the globe have made the investment in skincare fridges, and many of them are recommending the important piece of equipment online via their social channels. Getting one could be hugely

There are always new trends and hypes to hit the beauty industry. Some people describe the cosmetics world as a continually revolving wheel of fads. Particularly in the niche area of makeup artistry, certain trends can fly by in an instance. Let’s use winged eyeliner as an example. It was so not hot. Then it became ultra-hot. And now it’s not hot again. The winged eyeliner trend has literally done a full circle,

There is no denying that skincare fridges are the subject of serious criticism from around the globe. Everybody has their own opinion of skincare fridges – some people think they are the best piece of equipment to hit the beauty market, whereas other think they are a total waste of money. As a team who have been in the beauty and cosmetics industry for many years, we feel the need to have our

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