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What is a skincare fridge?

What is a skincare fridge?

Skincare fridges are actively revolutionising the beauty and makeup industry. If you have not heard of them, you are seriously behind the trendsetting world. Hundreds of skincare fridges are being purchased around the world every single day.

All of the best beauticians across the globe have made the investment in skincare fridges, and many of them are recommending the important piece of equipment online via their social channels. Getting one could be hugely impactful to your beauty business.

There is a chance that some of you reading this have already reached a point of complete confusion. Let us make one thing very clear from the get-go. Skincare fridges are the same things as cosmetic fridges, mini fridge, makeup coolers, beauty refrigerators, and product fridges.

If you are a professional makeup artist, you can expect that many of your clients will have heard of skincare fridges before. Hence, if they turn up to your studio and see that you do not have one, they will start to question your abilities.

Even if you are not running a beauty business, skincare fridges can be useful for you. Females across Australia are using skincare fridges for their day-to-day makeup products… and they are lovin’ them.

What actually is it?
Okay, okay. We will stop blabbering on and we will get to the point here.

A skincare fridge is a piece of equipment that is designed to keep your makeup cool. It is essentially the same as a food refrigerator – it has a door, shelves and holds the internal temperature at a cool and steady maximum.

The difference between skincare fridges and standard food fridges is that your beauty fridge will typically be significantly smaller in size. Usually, they are small enough to be placed on a bench. Because of their size, they are much cheaper to run and they use less electricity. They can also cool down far quicker than larger fridges. It’s a win-win situation.

The exterior of a skincare fridge will vary depending on which company you choose to make your purchase from. The equipment may come in slightly different sizes, materials or colours. Once you start shopping around online, you will gain some insight into the wide range of cosmetic fridges that are available on the market.

Beauticians and makeup artists will purchase skincare fridges so that they have a safe and secure location to keep their makeup and beauty products. The main products that are recommended to be stored in a fridge are:

  • Liquid foundations.
  • Liquid creams.
  • Lipstick and lip gloss.
  • Face masks.
  • Skin/face creams, including moisturisers.
  • Liquid lotions.
  • Anything that contains Vitamin.
  • Anything that contains Retinol.
  • Anything that contains Benzoyl Peroxide. (Check the ingredients list on the back of the bottle)

Before ordering their skincare fridge, many individuals will question their importance and whether the benefits will be worth spending the money.

As a team who wholeheartedly understands the beauty industry and the unique needs of makeup artists, our answer is: yes, a skincare fridge is not only desirable, but it is 100% necessary!

Want to know why we feel so strongly about this? Keep on readin’ buddy.

What is the purpose of a skincare fridge?
At the crux of it all, skincare fridges have the key purpose of keeping your cosmetic products cool.

Skincare fridges have a number of benefits for makeup artists and beauticians. That is why they are so popular! We could easily list hundreds of reasons why they can be of use, but we decided to keep this a touch shorter and simpler.

Therefore, here are the main purposes of a skincare fridge.

1. Extend the life of your makeup products.
This is the number one reason why skincare fridges are being bought by thousands of beauticians in Australia and across the globe. Keeping your makeup cool is the easiest way to enhance its longevity. When makeup is left out in hot conditions, it can often sweat and change in consistency. Once it eventually cools back down, it might become gluggy or diluted.

Some products, like lipsticks, can melt entirely in the heat. If this occurs, they may no longer be able to be used any longer. What a waste. Particularly in a warm climate location such as Australia, it can be extremely difficult to maintain your products at low temperatures. Even in cabinets, or in air-conditioned rooms, your products will not be entirely safe from warmth.

Skincare fridges are the perfect solution to the issue. Even cheap mini fridges can achieve this. By keeping your products in a consistently cool destination, their shelf-life will vastly improve. Some makeup artists have estimated that after using a skincare fridge, their products lasted at least double the amount of time than previously.

2. Maintain your makeup at a ready-to-use temperature.
The best makeup artists across the world all know that makeup is best applied when it is slightly below room temperature. Warm makeup can cause a person’s skin to turn red. Alternatively, it will be too runny and can drip off the person’s face. Totally not ideal.

The only way to have your makeup at the perfect application temperature at all times is by having a popular skincare fridge. With this piece of equipment, you can literally take the product from the chilled fridge moments before you apply it to yourself or your client’s face. As soon as you are done, it is as simple as putting it back inside the fridge.

Having a good makeup fridge will ultimately allow you to improve your makeup artistry skills and better satisfy your clients. That is why we refer to skincare fridges as an investment, rather than a cost. More happy clients means more referrals to your business.

3. Help to organise your products.
Regardless of whether you are a fully-fledged beautician, or someone who engages with makeup as a hobby, you are bound to have experienced the chaos of a messy makeup drawer.

If you run your own beauty business, your clients will be less than impressed if they see all of your products are being hastily thrown around your studio. They also will not be happy if it takes you half an hour to actually find the specific product you need to use on them.

The best skincare fridges can encourage you to neatly and logically store your products. In particular, fridges that have shelves permit you to get maximum usage of the fridge space. We recommend having your most used products at the front of the fridge for easy access.

Having an orderly and contained system for makeup organisation will also help you to feel more relaxed when you are with your clients. As the saying goes, a messy house represents a messy life. Therefore, keeping your products clean and presentable is crucial for upholding professionalism.

4. Reduce the possibility of bacteria growing.
Makeup is subject to all sorts of bacteria-ridden places. Whether you like to admit it or not, your face and your studio is completely contaminated with germs. It is just like any other place in the world – abundant with microbes.

If you were paying attention in your high school science class, you would know that bacteria has the greatest change of growing and developing when it is in warm climates. If your makeup is left out in the open heat, it can attract and breed germs. When eventually applied to your face, it has a high chance of creating pimples and acne. Gross.

Thankfully, cooler temperatures can actually stop bacteria from growing. When your cosmetic products are kept in a refrigerator, not only are they kept away from the floating germs in the atmosphere, but any bacteria that has already landed on it will be diminished. As a result, your refrigerated products will have longer life spans and be safer for you to use.

5. Sooth and heal your skin.
Cool lotions are soothing for the skin and are usually effective at reducing puffiness or blotchy colouring. As a makeup artist, it is possible that some of your clients will turn up to their appointment feeling slightly anxious or restless. In turn, this can make their skin somewhat inflamed. To reduce this, we suggest applying cool products to their fast, rather than warm ones that can exacerbate the problem.

Trust us. Your clients will thank you for it.

6. Hold a sneaky beverage for once the clients are gone.
Okay… we may be joking with this one. However, there is nothing wrong with storing a beer up the back and out of eye’s sight, right?

What types of skincare fridges are there?
Because of the recent popularity boom in skincare fridges, a variety of companies are attempting to make and sell them. Quite frankly, the amount of skincare fridges available on the market right now is frightening. Where do we even begin?

We believe that the main differences between the skincare fridges available at the moment are:
There are many skincare fridge sizes. Some are ginormous and others are tiny. Ensure that you read the specifications of the fridge before spending any money.

Before making your skincare fridge purchase, you should consider what size fridge will be most practical for you. This includes analysing and measuring the space that you have in your studio, as well as considering how much makeup needs to be stored within it. Keep in mind that a larger fridge will cost slightly more in electricity to run. A smaller option can be cheaper up-front and in the long run, however it needs to be capable of holding all your products.

Majority of the skincare fridges being sold currently are either black, white or silver in colour. However, the most innovative of brands are releasing their fridges in an entire spectrum of colour options.

It is important for you to shop around and find a colour that suits your studio or makeup application space. Most makeup artists want a fridge that will blend in or complement the other visual aspects of the room. A fridge that stands out too much can ruin your overall aesthetic and give bad vibes to clients.

At the end of the day, you need to be certain that your skincare fridge will do the job it is meant to do. If it struggles to cool down or is unreliable, you could be wasting your money entirely.

We suggest only purchasing a beauty fridge through a reputable company that specialises in beauty appliances. Be sure that the store you are sourcing your fridge from has positive reviews from other clients and has been operating in the beauty industry from a long period of time.

Ready to make a purchase?
By now, you should be convinced of the need for a skincare fridge. Professionals and amateur beauticians across Australia have happily jumped on the trend. As a result, they are getting more bang for their buck every day, and their skin is thanking them.

The next step from here is to start investigating skincare fridges online and discover what appliance is going to suit you best. The most popular method for purchasing these beauty appliances is via digital stores.

Our online skincare fridge store offers a range of appliances that are unparalleled to any others on the market. Our innovative products excel in both quality and price, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers to prove that.

Within our range, we have various sizes and colours for cosmetic fridges. Depending on your unique circumstances and intended purpose for the fridge, you can make an educated decision that suits you. We pride ourselves on offering the best skincare fridges in Australia, at very competitive prices.

Our parent company, Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, has been in the cosmetic industry for many years, so they thoroughly understand what makeup artists need in order to succeed.

Because we value each and every one of our customers, we also offer fast shipment and delivery of all products. We can’t wait for you to get hold of your new skincare fridge and report back on how much you love it.

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