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Skincare fridges are becoming the next big trend in Australia

Skincare fridges are becoming the next big trend in Australia

There are always new trends and hypes to hit the beauty industry. Some people describe the cosmetics world as a continually revolving wheel of fads. Particularly in the niche area of makeup artistry, certain trends can fly by in an instance.

Let’s use winged eyeliner as an example. It was so not hot. Then it became ultra-hot. And now it’s not hot again. The winged eyeliner trend has literally done a full circle, and we imagine it is only a matter of time before we see it making a storm once again.

To be honest, it can be challenging to keep up with all the changes in cosmetics. Beauticians have an extraordinarily difficult task to follow the news and ensure they are not giving their clients any designs or services that are not popular anymore. If you fall behind the current affairs, it can be very embarrassing for you and your clients.

In an industry where things are always changing, it is important not to invest money into something that will not be popular within a week or two. You should only be spending hard earned cash on items that will genuinely make an impact on your business or your life.

That is why we need to discuss the latest fad to introduce itself in Australia: skincare fridges.

Not quite sure what a skincare fridge is? Let us summarise it:

  • Just like a food fridge, but for your makeup and lotions.
  • Usually small in size.
  • Sometimes has a shelf inside for optimal storage.
  • Keeps your cosmetic items cool.
  • Can be referred to as: cosmetic fridges, skincare fridges, beauty fridges, mini fridges.

We already know that the best skincare fridges have huge benefits for makeup artists and cosmetic enthusiasts. There is simply no denying that they can add great value to your beauty experiences. When purchasing a good quality one, it should be easy to use and require little or no maintenance.

However, skincare fridges do have a cost attached to them. A miniature beauty fridge can cost anything between $50-$500 AUD. As if makeup products do not already cost enough, this could be an additional expense if you choose to purchase one.

Therefore, as one of your go-to beauty advisors, we wanted to outline some considerations for you to make before you indulge in a cosmetics fridge. As avid skincare fridge users, we can happily vouch for their worth. These questions and thoughts are just to help you understand if the appliance will be useful for your particular circumstances.

Things you should ask yourself before buying a skincare fridge.
Before you start searching for a mini beauty fridge online, there are a number of things you should contemplate. We want you to make a purchase that will be good value for money, so these are some relevant questions to ask yourself before going ahead and buying anything. This will help you to determine whether a beauty fridge is an appropriate investment for your life.

1. Are you interested in increasing the life of your makeup products?
Skincare fridges are extremely useful for extending the shelf-life of your makeup. Because they maintain your products at a low temperature, the individual items will be able to be used for much longer. In the long run, this means less money will be spent as your products go out-of-date.

2. Do you want to reduce redness and puffiness on your skin?
In the warm climate of Australia, it is normal to suffer from red and inflamed skin. By applying cool products to your face, you will notice a fast reduction in redness and puffiness. Cold products heal and soothe the skin, assisting you to look and feel great. What is the best way to keep your products cool? You guessed it. A skincare fridge.

3. Are you worried about germs developing on your makeup?
Creams, lotions, masks, and other products that are applied to the skin are extremely subject to germs. Makeup is a major breeder of bacteria. Especially if you are continually opening and closing the product’s packaging for daily use, it can easily attract bacteria. Thankfully, using a popular skincare fridge to keep your products at low temperatures will effectively eliminate the potential for bacteria to grow. This means more hygiene for your skin.

4. Do you need a solution for your melting and warping products?
If your makeup is kept near windows or inside heat-capturing drawers, it will probably eventually melt. Once the product has melted, it will never return to its original consistency or colour. You can essentially wave goodbye to it. However, placing your items in the temperature controlled environment of a cosmetic fridge will stop any sort of melting or warping from occurring. It will safeguard your products from any possible climate damage.

5. Do you believe the word of famous makeup bloggers and vloggers?
The best makeup artists from across the globe are currently expressing their positive opinions on makeup fridges. Almost every cosmetic vlogger or influencer uses a skincare fridge to keep their products safe. With their gloating commentary, it is blatantly obvious that these mini fridges are a must-have item. If you want to keep up with the latest trends hitting the industry, you need to make a skincare fridge purchase.

How to know if your skincare fridge is a good one?
Purchasing a skincare fridge is a big deal for most people. Therefore, you should do some thorough investigating to ensure the quality of the refrigerator you are about to purchase. With so many companies selling makeup fridges, it is hard to decipher what fridges are best and what companies are down-right dodgy.

Below, we have conglomerated a list of the most important features to reflect on when searching for the best skincare fridge. In addition to all of these points, you should create your own list of important factors that you require in your refrigerator. Our main piece of advice is not to rush into a decision quickly. Take the time to really think about how the fridge will fit into your life, and what type is going to match your needs.

1. The size of the fridge.
Picking a fridge that is an appropriate height, width and length is crucial. When buying their first cosmetic fridge, many makeup artists make the easy mistake of accidentally buying one that is the wrong size. If the appliance is too large and does not fit on your bench or tabletop, it could be a complete waste of money.

We strongly recommend that you get out a measuring tape and actually analyse the space that you have for your fridge. This will also encourage you to work out where it will be best positioned in your room. Keep in mind that most fridges will need to be plugged into a source of power, so this may influence where you place it in the room.

Alternatively, many people have the issue of buying a makeup fridge that is too small. Particularly for professional beauticians, some mini fridges will not be able to hold all of their products. It is vital that you outline which of your items will need to be stored in the fridge and contemplate whether they are going to fit in the fridge you want to buy. In some cases, you might need to stand all of your products side-by-side and measure just how much room they take up.

It is usually better to buy a larger fridge up-front. Otherwise, you may eventually need to spend money upgrading once your beauty client base increases and you need more products.

2. The colour of the fridge.
The appearance of the fridge may seem like a trivial consideration at first. However, an appliance like a coloured cosmetic fridge can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your studio, bedroom or bathroom. If you care about the vibe that your studio presents to clients, or the feeling of your makeup application area, this is something to be dwelled on.

Some makeup professionals prefer to have a simplistic black or white fridge that does not interfere with the other colourings in their workplace. It is true that a black appliance will appear both slick and stylish. Although, choosing a bolder colour may be beneficial in breathing life into the room. If you already have a particular colour scheme happening, you might like to find a matching fridge to blend in. On the other hand, a contrasting fridge colour may provide an excellent talking point for clients.

Ultimately, the colour of your skincare fridge will be largely dependent on your own desires and opinions. Just be sure to choose a fridge company that offers multiple colour options for your consideration.

3. How effective is the fridge going to be?
A high quality fridge should be able to keep your products cool, even in the warmest climates. It is important that you read the specifications of the fridge before making a purchase so that you can determine if it is going to be strong and durable. More specifically, you should be analysing what temperatures the fridge can reach, and how long it can take to cool down.

For many of you, the specifications may be confusing to understand. (What even is a watt anyway?) If this is the case, you simply need to make sure that the business you are buying from has a good history in the cosmetic industry and can be trusted to send you something of good value. In many cases, a company that specialises in skincare fridges will usually provide better products that a company who has just jumped on the trend and starting selling one fridge option.

4. Is the fridge going to be delivered on time?
Some mini fridge sellers conduct all of their operations internationally. This could mean cheap skincare fridges are being sold, but it might not correspond with good service. As a result, Australian buyers may have to wait weeks or months to receive the product from the date they purchased it.

For many makeup artists, this can be a frustrating waiting period. When you make a purchase online, you do not want the excitement to fade away as you wait day-by-day for it to finally arrive. Doing business with an Australian company not only means that your appliance will arrive sooner, but it indicates the brand may be slightly more trustworthy.

Our main tip here is that you should always check the expected delivery timeframe for your fridge. If it is too far in the future, it may be time to consider buying from another, more localised company. Fast shipment and delivery can indicate a brand that is more respectable and honourable.

Where can you find the best skincare fridges in Australia?
If you want a reliable and durable skincare fridge, it is important that you make a purchase from an esteemed company. Most people will begin their hunt for a skincare fridge with a Google search. From there, it is simply a matter of searching until the correct product is found.

In Australia, some of the most popular skincare fridges right now are being sold on our online beauty store. Our customers come back to us time and time again for the cosmetic needs. When you make a purchase with us, you are guaranteed:

  • A great range of choice in regards to size, colour and design.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Fast delivery, right to your door.
  • The cheapest skincare fridge prices possible.
  • A quality product that will last.
  • An appliance that cools quickly, and stays cold.
  • Only the best of the best materials used.
  • Brilliant customer service to help you along the way.

We have proudly provided thousands of skincare fridges to customers across Australia. Our parent company, Cosmetic Beauty Boutique, has been in the business for a lengthy time. Hence, we have a good understanding of how to please our customers.

If you want to get started on a purchase that will have positive impact to your beauty lifestyle, start browsing our digital cosmetic store today. We can’t wait to deliver one of our famed products to your door.

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