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Is a skincare fridge necessary?

Is a skincare fridge necessary?

There is no denying that skincare fridges are the subject of serious criticism from around the globe. Everybody has their own opinion of skincare fridges – some people think they are the best piece of equipment to hit the beauty market, whereas other think they are a total waste of money.

As a team who have been in the beauty and cosmetics industry for many years, we feel the need to have our input on the topic and express our opinions about skincare fridges.

It is finally time to put this argument to rest.

First of all, it is important to gain a comprehensive understanding of what skincare fridges are. From there, we can begin to evaluate whether they can actually have a positive impact on makeup enthusiasts across the world (or if they are truly just a hyped piece of garbage).

It is important to note that we have tested and tried cosmetic fridges ourselves, so we have direct knowledge relating to how they function and serve their purpose.

What do beauty fridges do?
Beauty fridges are basically the same as any other refrigerator appliance, except they are designed to hold cosmetic products rather than food or drinks. Generally, beauty fridges are smaller than most fridges and can easily be placed atop a bench or shelf.

The chief purpose of a beauty fridge is to keep your makeup and lotions cool. Storing your cosmetic products in a cooler climate will lead to a range of benefits:

  1. No bacteria growth.
  2. Better organised products.
  3. Extended longevity for each product.
  4. Products that are at a ready-to-apply temperature.
  5. Healing benefits for your skin.

The above reasons explain why skincare fridges are the hottest item in the beauty marketplace right now. Furthermore, these five benefits can have a major impact on the success of your business. Allow us to explain.

How can a skincare fridge help me as a makeup artist?
Skincare fridges were invented to hold a range of products. The most popular products that are kept in skincare fridges include: lotions, face masks, lipsticks, lip gloss, hand cream, face cream, foundations, blush, and perfumes.

Essentially, any product that could potentially melt or sweat in the heat should be stored in a cosmetics fridge. It is also important to note that any products that contain Vitamin C, retinol or benzoyl peroxide must also be kept away from warm temperatures. If you are unsure what exactly is in your makeup, you can always investigate the packaging.

As a beautician or makeup artist, every dollar that you spend can be detrimental. It can be a cruel world as a freelancing MUA. Money and clients are often difficult to come by, and the up-front expenses for setting up your studio can be expensive.

That is why many makeup artists diligently consider the importance and need for each product before they make a purchase. If you do not absolutely need something, then there is no point wasting your hard earnt money on it.

When analysing the vitality of skincare fridges, we believe there are two outcomes that come about from their usage. Firstly, you will be able to better satisfy your clients, and secondly, you will open yourself to a greater income.

1. Satisfied clients.
Every makeup artist needs to understand that satisfying their clients is the key to success in their business. Clients who are happy with your work will refer their friends and family to you. They will also continue to return to you when they require makeup completed for certain events and occasions. It is a definite way to keep growing and developing your brand image.

On the other hand, if your clients are not happy with your work, they will spread the word of how poorly you performed. They may even leave bad reviews about you online. This will undoubtedly be detrimental to your success. It will also be highly embarrassing.

Skincare fridges will inevitably improve your service to clients. It will achieve this in three ways: more hygiene, smoother application, and a more professional studio appeal.

  • Firstly, beauty fridges eliminate the growth of bacteria on your products. Even the cheapest skincare fridges can achieve this. The cooler temperature means that no germs can develop on your products. In an environment where there is much skin contact, bacteria can easily develop, so it is important to take measures to reduce this. If you do not cool your products, and microbes grow on their surface, they will not be hygienic when applied to the next client. In the end, this might result in acne on your client’s skin. If this occurs, they will definitely not be satisfied with your work and you are sure to lose a customer.
  • Secondly, cooler products leads to a smoother application process. When makeup is left in heat, it can become either runny or gluggy. Neither of these textures is ideal for application. If at the correct temperature, the makeup will be simple to apply and should spread easily. If it is a lotion or cream, it should soak into the skin with a reasonable amount of pressure. Additionally, having cooler makeup can create a healing impact on the client’s skin. When they are experiencing redness or puffiness, cooler products will assist in soothing this. Particularly in the months of spring, when hay fever is a common issue in Australia, cold products are essential to reduce inflammation on your client’s face.
  • Lastly, a skincare fridge will be able to keep your studio neat and tidy. Many makeup artists suffer from a messy studio space that can give clients the wrong idea of their professionalism. In the eyes of the client, a messy studio can mean a messy service output. The best cosmetic fridges contain and hide all of your products in an orderly fashion. Many beauticians comment on how they encourage a significantly cleaner workspace. It goes without mentioning that skincare fridges look ultra-sophisticated and will undoubtedly impress your clientele.

The bottom line is that, in various ways, skincare fridges can equal to more satisfied clients. They ultimately improve your ability to provide top-quality cosmetic services.

2. Allowance for a better income.
Because most popular skincare fridges cost money up-front, it can be challenging to believe that they will actually allow for an enhanced income. But, it is completely true. In the long run, a cosmetic fridge can be the key to a better profit in your business.

Firstly, a good skincare fridge will lead to more clients in your studio. As aforementioned, a skincare fridge allows you to provide better service to your clients. Hence, they are more likely to continue returning to you and also referring their friends to you. More clients = more revenue = more profit. It is as simple as that.

Secondly, a skincare fridge will actually be effective in saving you money in the long run. As all of the best makeup artists know, all products come with a shelf-life. Once they have been opened, the time is ticking. Eventually, makeup products will change texture and will not have the same glamorous impact on your skin. In fact, out-of-date makeup can damage the skin and be very unhygienic.

Storing your products in cool climates genuinely extends their longevity and will allow you to use them for longer periods of time. An extended lifetime means that you will get more use out of the product before you need to spend money purchasing more. It also means that you can purchase items in bulk when they are on sale without worrying about them quickly going out-of-date. In due course, a beauty fridge will permit more cash to stay in your pocket.

Many cosmetic fridge users agree that the appliance is an investment for the future because it eventually draws more money into your business and reduces the need for future spending.

Should I buy a skincare fridge as an individual?
If you are not running a beauty business or trying to establish yourself as a makeup artist, you are probably questioning whether you should still buy a skincare fridge.

As a makeup user, you are likely to have a multitude of products in your cabinets and drawers. This could include lipsticks, moisturisers, lip balms, foundations, creams, lotions, perfumes, and more. It is a little crazy how quickly a makeup stash can expand. To safely hold all of these items, a skincare fridge is necessary.

Even if you buy a smaller fridge compared to what a fully-fledged makeup professional may purchase, you will still see the same benefits from using it. Having hygienic and easy-to-apply products will most likely increase your love for makeup and allow you to apply your makeup better on a daily basis.

In fact, many professional beauticians who purchase a skincare fridge for their client studio, also have a personal skincare fridge that they use specifically for their own makeup.

That means that you, too, can enjoy the benefits of a makeup refrigerator, even if you do not use makeup as regularly as a beauticians. It’s all guns blazing so far for skincare fridges.

So, are skincare fridges worthwhile?
We have finally reached a point where we can provide a conclusive answer to the skincare fridge debate. Our answer should be fairly obvious to you by now…

YES! Skincare fridges are not only worthwhile, but they are crucial for both makeup artists and individuals. Regardless of whether you need a beauty fridge to draw in more clients, or simply to enhance your personal makeup experience, they are bound to be a positive introduction into your life.

The benefits of a cosmetic fridge are extensive. Many famous makeup bloggers and vloggers agree that having a mini fridge for your makeup is a no-brainer. Once you make a purchase, you will never look back.

However, it is important to note that skincare fridges will only be useful if you purchase a quality one. Instead of asking if you should buy a skincare fridge, it is time to starting where are you going to buy the best one.

Where can I get a skincare fridge?
There are some things you need to know before buying a cosmetic fridge. Most importantly, you need to realise that not every fridge on the market is going to be a valuable one. Unfortunately, some companies care more about making money than they care about offering you a decent product.

Our digital skincare fridge store has been developed by one of Australia’s favourite beauty brands: Cosmetic Beauty Boutique. As leaders in the beauty industry, they understand the particular requirements of makeup artists and cosmetic workers across the country. Each and every one of their appliances has been designed and manufactured with the buyer in mind.

We want your first beauty fridge to be an excellent one that gives you value for money. Hence, we sell cheap skincare fridges that are at the peak of quality. We also ensure that all of our products are shipped and delivered to your door as soon as possible. You should not have to go without a skincare fridge any longer!

Our enormous range is another reason why people across the country deem us to be the best skincare fridge providers. Regardless of your needs, we have an appliance that can suit you. As well as coming in a variety of sizes, our beauty fridges are available in a number of colours. You can make sure that the fridge you are purchasing will be ideal for you.

To get started on your search for the perfect fridge, take a browse through our online beauty store. Once you have discovered a fridge that will work for you, add it to your cart and navigate to the checkout. From there, it is as simple as making your payment, and we can deal with the rest.

Join the skincare fridge trend and make a purchase that will revolutionise your world.

If you require any assistance, check our frequently asked questions or get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

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